Pass your driving test in 10 weeks for only £1099. (Save £75 on normal prices)

Ideal course for absolute beginners who have not passed their theory test yet as both tests are included in the course.

The course includes:

  • 2 hours of personal Theory Test Coaching
  • Theory Test website study access
  • Theory Test Fee
  • 32 Hours of driving tuition (includes 2 hours for the test)
  • LDC Driving Skills Workbook
  • LDC Driving Skills web videos
  • Practical Test Fee

With DVSA practical test waiting times running at 8 weeks on average this course gives you the quickest time to get your licence.

How many hours does it take to learn to drive
According to the latest Government survey people learning to drive in the UK buy on average 52 hours of professional driving lessons. From this you will appreciate it can easily cost you well over a £1,500 to learn to drive and take up to a year to pass the practical driving test. With LDC's revolutionary LD System of driving tuition the average number of hours to pass the test is closer to 30 hours - a potential saving of up to 22 hours from the norm or about £660. This is why it is important to select the right driving school and training approach.

Weekly lessons versus intensive courses?
Taking just one driving lesson per week will help to spread out the training cost but you will end up paying far more in the long run and take many months to pass your test. This is because the first half of the next lesson is often wasted getting to where you were at the end of the previous one - thus it is like taking two steps forward and one step back. Also if you are taking weekly lessons without any clear targets to achieve or set test date to aim for the training losses any urgency and lessons tend to drift off course reducing it effectiveness even further. This is why intensive and semi-intensive courses are now proving far more popular. However, to do such courses successfully the training needs to be carefully structured and expertly delivered so that no time in the car is wasted - hence the development of the revolutionary LD System of driving tuition.

The LD System isn't only useful for intensive training it enables weekly lessons to be conducted in much the same way with clear targets to aim for thus saving time and speeding up progress. The LD System DVD video and workbook also helps to overcome the "two steps forward one step back" problem of weekly lessons by allowing you to revise your last lesson while preparing for the next. This is particularly true if the materials are also properly used by a family member or friend to provide complementary practice in between lessons with your driving instructor.

Why 10 weeks?

Typical waiting times for Theory Tests are 2 weeks and for Practical Tests 8 weeks. As the practical test can only be booked once the Theory Test is complete, this means that 10 weeks is the shortest amount of time from starting training to passing your test. This allows you to focus on learning the Theory Material and then start training at a time convenient to you. In order to cover the LD System effectively in car training is provided in two 2 hour sessions per week over the weeks leading up to the test.

The in-car training is 32 hours on a one to one basis. (This includes 2 hours to attend the test). You need to allocate a further 10 hours to complete the home study, using the LD System DVD and workbook, bringing the total duration of the course to around 40 hours.

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