Sean FaggSean Fagg
Standards Check Success
“A massive thanks to Steve Wilcox for all your help with driving instructor training in preparation for my Standards Check, which I managed to pass today! Really helped to guide me in the right direction, and focus my mind with just a couple of sessions as well as putting my nerves at rest. I would highly recommend Steve from experience for both instructor training and Standards Check training for ADI’s, your help really has been invaluable. See you on the roads!”

Passed first time on the 10 week fast pass course
Congratulations Olivia! Well done passing your driving test first time. Good luck with your A Levels and I hope you get the Uni you want.

Passed with no faults!
I was a cliche learner driver when I started learning with Steve, terrified of everything and convinced I would never pass my practical test! Steve was such a fantastic teacher, always supportive, positive and reassuring. Steve always explained things so clearly that it made learning all this new information easier and less daunting! I don't think I could have passed my test with no minors being taught by anyone else.

Congratulations on passing your test first time Jade. It was the new SatNav test as well so you're ready for driving anywhere! Keep safe and good luck in your new career. Jade took the semi intensive course which includes 30 hours of training.

Well done Harry, only three minors a great pass. Good luck with the results and I hope you get your trip to Australia sorted.

A First Time pass for Joe on the new Sat Nav Test! Joe took the 10 Week Fast Pass course and passed his Theory Test first time also. The 10 week course includes Theory Test software and coaching plus the test fees for both Practical and Theory tests.

Hannah and SashaHannah and Sasha
The twins both passed first time Hannah first and then her sister 18 months later once she was back in the UK.

Esther could drive a tractor before she even started her lessons so I was able to tailor her lessons to suit. She took her Theory test on the day after her 17th Birthday and passed her test first time 8 weeks later. Using the LD System and some practice on the farm she only needed 12 hours training on the road.

Well done David, drive safely and don't forget the poor cyclists now you've joined the ranks of the car drivers. David had been a dedicated cyclist until he took his test.

David posted "Thanks Steve Wilcox, Steve's Driving School in Thame if it wasn't for your support and great teaching I wouldn't have passed, also I wouldn't have done it if Karoline Thorpe hadn't given me the first lessons for Christmas last year!"

Congratulations Mandy, passing first time just shows you shouldn't have waited 24 years! Now you can drive, those other bucket list items will be even easier

Rachid held a driving licence from his home country but needed to pass the UK one as he was planning to stay here. He was already a good driver but needed a little help understanding some of the details of driving correctly in the UK. I was able to tailor a lesson plan to ensure that his driving was up to standard for the UK test.

Well done to Sam on a great result. Sam passed first time and the examiner was very pleased with his driving. A double celebration as it was his birthday as well.

Peter with his pass certificate, he took his test in Aylesbury and was very happy to pass on his first attempt.

Here is Jethro having passed his test first time. His brother Tim, at the bottom of this page, also passed first time so there was a bit of competitive pressure going on!

Bernice with her pass certificate, one week before this she hadn't even started to learn. Bernice took a one week intensive course which started on Saturday and she had her test on the Friday following. Well done Bernice drive safely!

Well done Lisa congratulations on passing first time. Lisa took the Ten Week pass course which included coaching for her theory test and once she passed that we were able to book the practical test and plan the training leading up to it.

Luke is happier than he looks in this picture! He passed his test the day after he got his excellent A Level results and a place at University. Good week then Luke.

Well done Lydia I knew you would do it!
LDC training with Steve a great way to learn to drive at the right pace for me. I found the Driving Skills workbook made by LDC so useful with keeping up to date with what I was going to learn next lesson and consolidating what I had already learnt. Steve is a great instructor, helping me all the way to keep going at it even when it was a bit overwhelming... And I passed first time!!

Mia did a 10 week fast pass and took her test in Oxford. She was really pleased to get on the road so quickly.

Well done Luke, persistence pays off Here with his pass certificate at the Aylesbury test centre. Luke said that he found the LDC workbook really helpful when he was practicing in his own car between lessons.

Passed first time, here with his certificate looking very pleased with his result.

Claire ShelleyClaire Shelley
I found learning to drive with LDC meant that I was able to progress with my driving more quickly than I otherwise would have. I used the workbook and DVD before lessons to learn about the theory of the processes and manoeuvres that would be covered in the next lesson. This made lesson time more focussed on driving practice with less time spent on explanations. The targets set in the workbook meant I was able to monitor my progress, and see which areas I needed to develop further. The DVD and workbooks also integrated aspects of the Highway Code and was useful in helping to revise for the theory test. Steve is a very patient instructor, explaining things clearly and most importantly remaining calm!

Nic drove really well on his test. He only had 4 minors and he is looking forward to getting out on the road.

Well done Riley, a first time pass. Riley is now starting a Pass Plus course to help her keep safe on her early morning starts for work.

Ana and LauraAna and Laura
Ana and Laura had both passed their tests in South America but needed to take a British driving test in order to be able to drive legally in the UK without invalidating their insurance. Laura found that the test standard demanded by the Driving Standards Agency to be much hard than her first test.

Kelly was over the moon with her test pass, she needed to be able to drive to pursue her career in film so watch out for her on the big screen soon!

Hayley was very nervous on her test but the Driving Examiner was very reassuring and helped her to relax. Well done Hayley!

Gary wanted to be able to broaden his career and found that even in London public transport was not giving him the flexibility he needed. He had failed a test when younger and took a Midway Pass course which got him to the standard he needed to pass this time.

Here's Kim looking please with her pass certificate. Now she has transport she'll be able to take her young son all over the place, he hopes!

This is Luci looking pleased with her pass certificate! Not pleased as her four year son who kept saying he was fed up of walking to the shops. Luci took a 30 hour semi-intensive course starting from scratch and finishing with her test two weeks later. She told the examiner that she thought she had failed as she drove so badly but with only 5 minors he said she drove really well.

Living in the city of Oxford, Liam had managed with his bike for years but with a family on the way he felt he needed to be a bit more flexible so he booked a 20 hours Midway Pass course starting on a Monday and passed on the Friday. Congratulations Liam.

Well done George, probably my quickest pass! Georgina called me on a Wednesday looking to pass her test as soon as possible, three and bit weeks later here she is with her pass certificate. She found the 20 hour intensive course a great way to train. She said "it doesn't give me time to forget things between lessons".

Well done to Grant on passing his test. Grant had been meaning to take his test for sometime but the chance to start a new business meant he needed to pass his test. He took a week off work and did a midway pass course, starting on a Monday and taking his test on a Friday.

Ross was really pleased with his recent pass and having had some early lessons with a national driving school he found the LDC system easy to understand. His dad was able to understand what Ross was being taught so when they went out to practice dad wasn't trying to teach him "old school" style :-)

Congratulations to Tim - First time pass and only 1 minor!
Tim said he found the test less daunting than he thought and was really please with his result.

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